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Algonquin Park South Gate

Experience the South Gate

From gear rentals to guided tours, enjoy adventures for all skill levels. For more info or to book an adventure, please contact one of our partners below.

To access Algonquin Park via the South Gate, all passes must be purchased online, see our about page for more information.

Algonquin Eco-Lodge

Accommodation & Guided Adventures
3594 Elephant Lake Rd, Harcourt, ON

The Algonquin Wilderness Eco-Lodge was created to give you the best wilderness experience possible, while minimizing our impact on the environment. It has the feel and atmosphere of a European mountain lodge, and is one of the most secluded lodges or hotels in Algonquin Park.

Deep Roots Adventure

4071 Elephant Lake Rd Unit C, Harcourt, ON

Our passion is to help you become capable and confident in the wild! Build relationships with co-workers, family and friends through workshops, guided adventures, equipment rentals and team building sessions.

South Algonquin Trails

Accommodation & Guided Adventures
4378 Elephant Lake Rd, Harcourt, ON

South Algonquin Trails Inc specializes in creating a truly memorable equestrian riding experiences within the beauty of the Haliburton Highlands and Algonquin Park.

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Featured Activities

From horseback riding to snowshoeing, to well… whatever you feel up to doing, we would love for you to experience Algonquin park at it’s best. Try out one or our many featured events and activities happening throughout all seasons.